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Instructional Package
AKS Computers was created in 2000 by Shane who is A+ Certified with years of practical hands-on experience with repairs and setting up small home and business networks. Specializing in Virus, Spyware and Malware detection and removal. Also offered is in-home or business personalized computer instruction (see link on the left "Instructional Packages") designed to fit client needs.
Services: Technically Related
~ A+ Certified Technician ~ Virus Removal & Firewall Protection
~ In-Home or Office Support ~ Personalized In-Home Computer Instruction
~ Friendly & Professional Service ~ Wireless Network Set-up and Maintenance
~ Will Build Computer Systems To Fit Your Needs ~ Basically Anything Microsoft Related Problems
Services: Other
~ Hard Drive 100% WIPED CLEAN: *GUARANTEED!!!*
~ VHS to DVD Conversions *(Wiped clean means no information can be RESTORED on Hard Drive)
~ Setup iPads and iPhones
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